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Fresh Blueberry Pie

By On June 4, 2014

My mother-in-law is here visiting for the week (and watching the kids while their day care is closed, and being all-around wonderful), and since she makes amazing pie crust I thought it… Read More

Brownies & Bars

Truffle Brownies

By On May 7, 2014

A few weeks ago when I made my crispy almond meringue layer cake, I was faced with a conundrum: what does one do with TEN leftover egg yolks? I knew I wanted… Read More


Cranberry, Orange, & White Chocolate Scones

By On April 14, 2014

Our weekday mornings are organized chaos. They involve 5-minute showers, encouraging/coaxing/pulling (depending on the day) two little boys out of bed and into school clothes, and carrying around an adorable baby girl… Read More


Peanut Butter Cookie Squares

By On April 2, 2014

I’ve made peanut butter cookies more times than I can count. They’re one of Brian’s favorite cookies, and the rest of us happen to love them too, so they’re a logical go-to… Read More


Double Chocolate Cookies

By On March 27, 2014

I love chocolate as much as the next person (okay… maybe a little more – I love chocolate), so when I have an opportunity to include chocolate + more chocolate in a cookie, I’m… Read More