Hi! Welcome to Food&Fam. I’m Christi, the author & photographer for this site.

My husband is Brian, my best friend and high school sweetheart;  we got married in 2003 after having dated five years and have been settled ever since in the west Texas town we call home. Brian and I are both full-time graphic designers at our “day jobs.” We’ve got three amazing kids, Jackson (6), Colin (5), & Elsie (1), plus two furry family members – a sweet Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix named Sally, and a Yorkie/Schnauzer mix named Ninja. Fun fact: Sally is literally ten times the weight of Ninja, but they’re the best of friends and play together all the time.

Our family loves food. Brian and I have enjoyed cooking together since we first married, and one of our favorite holiday traditions is making homemade pasta. We have a blast trying new recipes or coming up with our own concoctions. All three of our kids play “kitchen” or “chef”, and the older two happily watch Food Network shows with me (they’ve even picked a cooking show over cartoons before).

Since cooking is such a joyful thing for our family and I’ve been blogging professionally for four years, starting a food blog seemed to be a natural next step for us. This is a place for us to chronicle delicious, family-friendly recipes that make us happy. We hope to inspire you to get in the kitchen with your family or simply to find new recipes for your family to share around the dinner table (or lunch, or breakfast… we’re pretty partial to breakfast in our house).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. You can also keep up with Food&Fam on social media:



I’m really honored if you’re wanting to do so, but please do not re-publish recipes and photos from Food&Fam on your blog or site. I work hard on my content and will file takedown notices when it has been stolen. If you wish to link to a post on Food&Fam, you’re welcome to use one photo from my post with your link. If you have questions, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

want to start a food blog of your own?

Although I’ve blogged for a long time, starting a food blog meant entering new territory.  Food Blogger Pro (run by the duo behind Pinch of Yum) was the most valuable source of information for me, and if you want to start a food blog I’d highly recommend joining. I’m also a big fan of their book Tasty Food Photography.

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